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A beautiful Garden Quartz with a silver Eye of Horus symbol and Pyrite Clusters, 


More than a piece of jewellery, these are to be used as tools or talismans to accompany you on your own unique journey here on Earth School. 


Due to colour, composition and age I believe that crystals hold something magical. A vibrational field that we are drawn to at certain times of our lives. My intention is to create unique Amulets that will match the frequency or desired frequency of their rightful owners, meaning that your perfect Amulet (or Amulets) will speak to you when the moment is right.


Garden Quartz is capable of promoting healing, consciousness and awareness. It is said to enhance communication with higher realms, stimulate spiritual growth, and increase awareness of the natural world.


Pyrite was a common crystal to be worn during the Greek and Roman Empires. Archeologists have discovered amulets, rings, lockets, pins and earrings that are made from this gemstone. This mineral was also heavily used by Native American Indians as a meditation and ceremonial tool. It is said that Pyrite can aid with attracting wealth and abundance.


I have used a golden eye symbol. The open  eye detail represents awakening and inner knowledge, your third eye or minds eye which needs to be used in order to vision!


Approx amulet size: 6cm


Each amulet in this collection is a total one off making your chosen piece even more special. Enjoy!




Please note, we are based in the UK. All international orders may incur import/custom fees for all items.

Any customs fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer.
It is the responsibility of the customer to check any relevant customs charges, tax or duty, which may be payable in their own country before placing an order.


£140.00 Regular Price
£98.00Sale Price
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