A beautiful polished point of Black Obsidian with a Brass Star Tetrahedron, hung on a soft black rope.
So much thought and intention has gone into the making of these amulets, it is, in turn a ceremony in itself to go through the many stages of designing and making. I have chosen the combination of crystals and symbols carefully with the hope that they can bring you as much joy as I have received whilst making them. They also act as tools and talismans aiding you on your own magical journey.

Black Obsidian otherwise know as volcanic glass is formed from from the rapid cooling of lava from active volcanos. Formed some 20 million years ago and now polished into a beautiful point. 

Obsidian has been used throughout the ages as tools and talismans. In ancient Mexican culture, Obsidian was called Itzli, which literally means the God of Stone.

Said to aid with protection from negative energy. Obsidian helps us heal past lives from troubling emotions or trauma bringing depth and clarity.

The Star Tetrahedron is the energetic and geometric representation of the human body, male and female, heaven and earth.
Approx amulet size: 10cm x 5cm
Each amulet in this collection is a total one off making your chosen piece even more special. Enjoy!
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