Rhodonite polished point with black Tourmaline and solid silver Eye of Horus, hung on a soft black rope.
This Amulet symbolises healing from a difficult situation, nurturing feminine energy with protection and ancient wisdom.

So much thought and intention has gone into the making of these amulets, it is, in turn a ceremony in itself to go through the many stages of designing and making.
I have chosen the combination of crystals and symbols carefully with the hope that they can bring you as much joy as I have received whilst making them. They also act as tools and talismans aiding you on your own magical journey.
Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, it is an emotional balancer that can help with emotional wounds. It’s has a soft pink colour with contrasting ‘scars’ of black and grey manganese running through it. This to me has a strong significance for most of us. Especially in this piece as the scars are towards the bottom of the point, representing past times. Those ‘scars’ are an asset, our shadow and dark side that I feel must be given acknowledgment. They become part of our beauty, of what makes us us! It’s a powerful combination of soft pink, nurturing, loving energy together with what we may regard as our darker, harder times.
Black Tourmaline has served as a stone of protection during rituals in many ancient cultures for thousands of years. Due to the large quantities of iron and manganese, it contains magnetic properties and can hold a charge. Said to draw in negative energy and protect from electro magnetic stress. Protecting and grounding, helping to release toxic energy from the mind and body.
I have brought these two crystals together with this solid .925 silver Eye of Horus symbol.
Approx amulet size: 8.5cm x 3cm
Each amulet in this collection is a total one off making your chosen piece even more special. Enjoy!
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