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Over the years I have been collecting beads, all kinds… old, new, precious, cute, quirky, etc. I find immense joy in the treasure hunt! 


These offerings are a collection of necklaces encompassing the treasure hunt and to add to the magic I have carved my own bead, this bead is a little ‘Ban the Bomb’ symbol representing peace; peace within and peace without. 


Each necklace is totally unique from the next but true to the collection as a whole.


Peace Bead Necklace 1

A collection of vintage glass beads, statement eye beads, gold leaf peace bead, hand painted beads, pearl, shell and many more treasures,


Approx Length: 18 inches



Please note, we are based in the UK. All international orders may incur import/custom fees for all items.

Any customs fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer.It is the responsibility of the customer to check any relevant customs charges, tax or duty, which may be payable in their own country before placing an order.


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