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Light smokey Quartz with inclusions  


This beautiful crystal has been set in our usual .925 solid silver and then plated with 5 microns of 22 karat gold. 5 microns is the most durable amount of plating, ensuring lasting longevity. 


I love to come across special pieces like this one with phantoms inside   A phantom crystal is a variety of quartz that has formed on earlier existing crystals over the course of around a million years. Phantoms are created when a crystal growth is interrupted and then begins to form again. 


The original minerals get washed away, leaving only the crystal to grow afterward.  Because of the crystal’s very slow formation, this crystal has absorbed knowledge and wisdom that can help you put the past into perspective.  


Phantom crystals are said to cleanse the aura and dispel the negative energies that linger in your personal auric fields.  The healing energies of this crystal will give you inspiration, clarity, and strength. It will also provide you support and evolution.It will help you activate or enhance your healing abilities and form a stronger connection with your spirit guides.


The soothing and relaxing energies of this crystal will also help you achieve deep meditative states very quickly. 




Size: Approx 6 cm 



All chains are stainless steel, non fade gold plated.


All our pieces come beautifully gift wrapped in a branded box, ideal for gifts. 




Please note, we are based in the UK. All international orders may incur import/custom fees for all items.

Any customs fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer.
It is the responsibility of the customer to check any relevant customs charges, tax or duty, which may be payable in their own country before placing an order.



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